3 Tips for Passing Your ITIL Foundation Exam.

**Update 04/18/2017: Looking back over this article, the following is simply good advice for certification tests in general. I will periodically link to this article as my general certification advice.**

I recently took the ITIL Foundation exam. I won’t lie, it was tough at first. If you’re a technician of any kind, it can be rough when you need to start thinking conceptually instead of practically. ITIL is all about concept and will make you think about HOW the technology workplace operates, not just what it does.

By the end of the experience, I found the subject matter relatively simple and straightforward with the passing certification score to prove it. Below are three tips I discovered which can you help make your ITIL Foundation experience as easy as mine:

1)  Study a curriculum.

Some tech certifications like the CompTIA A+ or Network+ don’t require much studying for the seasoned IT professional. I barely had to study for the A+ and the exam was practically a formality. But you will not be able to do the same with ITIL – I guarantee you’ll need to study. My recommendation is to find an ITIL Foundation curriculum and stick to it through completion. I used the course offered through the Skillport platform, which was great. However, I had the luxury of this being paid for by my employer, which would’ve been quite expensive otherwise. A free-of-charge resource is available through Crbrary, which offers a full ITIL Foundation course for all users.

2)  Take notes.

As I mentioned earlier, the ITIL Foundation certification is based entirely on conceptual information; sheer technological prowess won’t help you here. The biggest key to getting a grip on ITIL is to understand the concepts and how they interrelate to each other. I found it useful to jot down the key terms and definitions as well as draw some simple flow charts turning connected concepts into processes. Nothing helps drive intangible concepts home like some pen and paper action.

3)  Drill yourself with exam questions.

A tried and true way to test your knowledge is with exam questions that will let you know where you’re weak and need to study up on. I used the Android app A+ VCE, an exam simulation software, to drill myself. The app uses .VCE files, which can be downloaded free of charge from ExamCollection.com, to simulate exams with time and score constraints. All I had to do as sit back on the couch with a beer and drill myself on ITIL questions for a few half-hour sessions before I felt totally confident in my ability to pass the quiz, which I nearly aced.

To recap: Study a curriculum, take notes on the concepts, and drill yourself with ITIL Foundation exam questions. Prepare yourself properly, and the test will be easy as pie.

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