OPOLAR: Making Your Old Laptop Run Like New.

I have a relatively high-end ASUS laptop which I dropped nearly $2K on in 2009, the very first weekend I exited Basic Military Training. It was one of my best friends for many years – and it’s not a bad computer even 8 years later, still able to run everything I need it for.

But from the very beginning, the powerful CPU and dedicated nVidia GPU generated a lot of heat. Over time, the computer lost cooling efficiency. Why? I’m not exactly sure – worn-out fan, maybe. But 8 years is a long life for a laptop computer.

As cooling dropped and internal heat rose, the performance of the computer suffered. It became laggy and slow, not to mention unbearably hot to the touch on the underside.  Other’s would’ve thrown the old piece of junk out with yesterday’s egg salad, but I have more loyalty than that.

On Amazon, I found this: the $30 OPOLAR Laptop Fan Cooler:


From the listing description:

Opolar LC-06 Laptop Cooler is the best way to keep your laptop cool and free from overheating. Innovative & compact design, LED temp-display, 13 different fan speeds and two-way installation make this cooler stand out from the rest. Your laptop will thank you as stays cool while you do intensive activities like play games, watch HD movies, or run a large number of applications.

The external fan attaches directly to the exhaust port on your laptop either through the use of a heavy duty adhesive pad or a suction cup unit, if you don’t want to stick anything directly onto your laptop. Even with the adhesive bad, the fan still slides on and off – allowing for easy removal/replacement. Plugging into a USB port for power, it features a temperature gauge as well as automatic/manual fan control. Just set it, and forget it.

This unit breathed new life into my old laptop, completely getting rid of the performance issues I had been experiencing. I went from a running temperature of roughly 140F down to 105F, an enormous difference. I was originally going to get rid of my laptop, but now it’s perfectly usable again and can easily get at least a few more years out of it.

If you have an old laptop experiencing heat issues, I strongly encourage you to check out the OPOLAR Laptop Cooling Fan. At a mere $30, I consider it a great choice!

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