DRIVE Car Garbage Bin: Clean Up Your Image.

As a Desktop Support Analyst servicing clients across the Dallas metroplex – a large area, indeed – I do a lot of driving throughout the week. This is rarely at my leisure; time is usually of the essence, and I need to get to my next destination ASAP.

Anyone other than a neat freak who spends a lot of time in their car knows what inevitably happens, especially if you hop in and out of your car frequently at strange times of the day: the dreaded trash buildup. One day, your car is clean. The next day, a snack wrapper is strewn on the passenger seat and an old soft drink languishes in the cup holder. Three days later, your car is absolutely littered with wrappers, crumpled receipts, crusty cups, bendy straws, and other fossilized remains of snacks-on-the-fly left to rot.

Maybe you don’t care. But think of it this way: Suppose you’re parked at a client site and the big boss strolls past what he or she knows to be your car. They take one sidelong glance and recoil in horror at the sheer messitude of what’s inside. Gross!

Is that going to get you fired, or get the contract severed? Probably not. But it doesn’t reflect well on you. In the course of business, there is absolutely no reason to not keep your best foot forward at all times. Especially when, for a problem like a messy car, there is such a simple solution…

Brace yourselves, lads. May I present: the DRIVE Auto Products car garbage bin!


I’ve suffered from Messy Car Syndrome for most of my adult life. I try to stay clean, but it’s tough to maintain in your car, especially when you do a lot of on-the-go eating. My wife, being an astute individual, identified this deficiency and bought me this for my birthday – and my car has been a shining city on a hill ever since.

As you can see, it hangs over the headrest. I have mine hanging over the front side of the passenger seat for my own easy access, but it can hang on either side. This model is roughly the size of a large toaster, perfect for the stuffing full of wrappers, paper cups, and other varieties of life’s convenient consumables. The version bought at the Amazon link above includes 20 bags – which, to our great fortune, are basically just plastic grocery bags. No need to buy expensive refills; just save your bags from the grocery store to replenish your stock. And when the bin is full, simply pull out the bag and throw it away.

You may wonder why you should spend $24.99 on this, when you could just drape a plastic bag over the seat on your own. One reason I find it well worth the price is that the garbage bin is built heavy duty – any leaky or sticky items that get into the bin aren’t going to leak through, even if the plastic bag tears. The bin can also fasten shut, so you can keep it mostly closed off if you’re concerned about smells, bugs, or even just the sight of a full bin. Plus, it just looks better. I don’t think $25 is too outrageous a price.

This product has transformed the interior of my car from embarrassing to exemplary. I can park at client sites with full confidence that my car reflects well on me as an IT professional – someone who is supposed to pay attention to detail and problem prevention.

If you suffer from Messy Car Syndrome, don’t delay – I strongly recommend you give this garbage bin a shot. You’ll be shocked at how much better your car looks. 

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