Boeing Hit by WannaCry Virus.

Remember WannaCry? If you thought the threat had passed, think again. As reports:

WannaCry is making headlines again, and this time it hit a major target: Boeing. The aerospace company quickly contained the infection, which only spread to a couple dozen computers. …Boeing isn’t offering details about the attack, but said initial reports about a devastating attack were “overstated and inaccurate.” Only computers with Boeing’s commercial airline business were affected; the company’s defense and services lines were not.

“We think it was infected at another client site the vendor was working at, hibernated, and then brought to the new site,” Williams said. The infection then “tore through the network like a hot knife through butter,” he added.

To this day, some computers remain live carriers of WannaCry. These machines likely became hosts of the ransomware before the kill switch was activated, but for whatever reason were never shut down. They continue to scan the internet for unpatched Windows systems in an attempt to spread. Enterprises that want to eliminate any potential run-ins with the notorious ransomware should install Microsoft’s patches, which can stop the threat.

Don’t just assume your computers are up-to-date, or are safe just because they’re not connected to external internet. IT Professionals, make sure you’re tracking the update status of workstations in your organization. Users, I encourage you to reach out to your IT Support if you’re not sure of your computer’s update status. Don’t get caught by this when the solution is at your fingertips.

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