Microsoft Testing Cloud Restore for Windows 10.

Microsoft is testing a useful new feature – the ability to restore Windows 10 operating systems from the cloud:

Microsoft is planning to improve the way you reset or refresh a Windows 10 PC. The company has revealed it’s testing a new “cloud download” feature for resetting Windows 10 when hardware fails or the OS needs reinstalling. While the feature isn’t available for public testing just yet, it will appear on devices when you boot a machine in a failed state.

This will likely be similar to the way Apple handles macOS reinstalls, with the option to reinstall macOS by downloading a copy from the cloud. Microsoft has actually been using a similar feature for its Surface lineup recently, allowing the devices to “recover from the cloud” by downloading a copy of Windows 10 and reinstalling it.

This is great news for IT professionals and users alike. Restoring Windows operating systems has been far too much of a pain for too long; meanwhile, Apple has been offering cloud OS restores since 2011. Better late than never!

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