Free Tool: Ekahau WiFi Heat Mapper

There’s nothing worse than losing an important Skype call in that corner office because of a terrible WiFi signal. Is coverage not sufficient in the office? Besides the irritating, infuriating, hair-pulling dropping of Skype calls – how can we can tell?

For the grand total of zero dollars, Ekahau HeatMapper will tell us exactly what we need to know: the extent of your signal and it’s strength in different areas. The software scans and analyzes local access points, determining their signal strength based on your position – and with the use of your facility floor plan, you can map the coverage area too.

It takes a bit of exercise to get an actual coverage map – upload an image of the floor plan into HeatMapper, then slowly walk around the area while taking snapshots of the WiFi every few steps. The process is a bit tedious, but produces a highly accurate WiFi heat map so long as you’re careful to match your snapshot locations on the floor plan with where you’re actually standing.


For a small to mid-size facility, Ekahau HeatMapper is a great tool at the price point of “cheap as free”. Download from here and give it a try.

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