Windows Update Alert: April Patches Causing Problems.

Staying current on Windows updates is important – but new updates are rarely without their bugs, and April’s monthly releases were no exception. As reports:

If you’re using Windows 10, you saw big multiple patches in April:

  • Version 1709 – the Fall Creators Update – the initial Patch Tuesday patch, KB 4093112, had the usual round of complaints about failure to install, random bluescreens and the like. It took a few days for info to surface about changes in pen behavior, which resulted in pen movements in major program (such as Adobe Photoshop) dragging the canvas. Turns out, beta testers in Win10 1803 liked the new feature so much that Microsoft decided to drop it into Win10 1709, without warning or (apparently) testing. The second cumulative update, KB 4093105, which went out on the night of April 23, fixed the aberrant pen behavior and promises to not re-install Candy Crush Soda Saga on version upgrades. We’ll see.
  • Version 1703– the Creators Update – got its first cumulative update, KB 4093107, on Patch Tuesday, and a second huge cumulative update, KB 4093117, a week later.
  • Version 1607– the Anniversary Update – received its first cumulative update, KB 4093119, on Patch Tuesday, April 10, the scheduled End of Life date for Win10 1607 Pro and Home. Version 1607 received a second monthly cumulative update a week later, KB 4093120 – but only for Win10 1607 Enterprise and Education.

More to read in the article, including the ongoing Total Meltdown exploit response and more info on the upcoming Version 1803 release.

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