Windows 10: What’s New in Version 1803.

Windows 10 version 1803 is upon us. What bugs have been fixed? What new features have been added or streamlined? Take a look at these update slides from to find out! A few highlights below:

1. Update Alerts

It took way too long for this to happen, but they’ve finally done it: No more Windows 10 update sneak attacks. One of the biggest user complaints on Windows 10 has been the indiscreet automatic download/install of updates, sometimes stealing your computer for up to an hour. Thankfully, no longer; updates now give full alerts before doing anything and most of the process occurs in the background.

2. Mute Option in Microsoft Edge

Everybody hates web pages that burst your bubble with annoying sounds and video. Most other web browsers already offer this, so it’s catch-up; but we’ll take what we can get. Just hit the mute button now built into the browser to “enter the silence” and make it all go away.

3. Nearby Sharing via Bluetooth or WiFi

Bluetooth connectivity between PCs has been around for a while – but the new Nearby Sharing feature aims to streamline the process, enabling users to share files on the fly via WiFi or Bluetooth. The feature can enabled by only a few clicks of the mouse and requires approval from both sender and recipient, cutting on the possibility of malicious use. Of course, if you ever receive a random file send request that you weren’t expecting – don’t accept it. 😉

…Refer to the linked slide deck for more. Welcome to the age of 1803!


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